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Virtue/Moir started well into their intense “Carmen” routine, but almost three minutes into the program after the circular step sequence they had to stop as Virtue felt a cramp in her legs. After a few minutes they were able to resume the performance. The reigning World Champions earned a level four for the lifts, the spin and the twizzles while the two step sequences merited a level three. Virtue/Moir earned 109.20 points, a seasons best, and slipped from first to second at 184.32 points overall. “Tessa and I feel like as a team we have a lot of positive things this week, especially in our short dance. In the free dance, we were able to execute a lot of the elements that we’ve been struggling with in practice and a little bit at the National Championships. Obviously there are a couple of things we want to work on going into the World Championships. We know what we have to do, luckily”, Moir told the press. “I just had some cramp in my legs to deal with. I’m glad we collected ourselves and kept pushing through the program”, Virtue explained when asked about the interruption.

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